by Paco Dvoi

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Folk rock songs and spoken word, including a duet with bluesy soul rebel, Esperanza. Featuring Karen Rauh on keyboard, electric guitar and background vocals; Laura Nerenberg on violin; Stand Up Steve Donnelly on bass; and Pancho Medina of Toximetro on electric guitar.


released October 8, 2015

All songs and poetry written by Paco Dvoi.
Morphogenesis was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephen K. Donnelly at Tenvolt in Ottawa (except tracks 1 and 11, which were recorded by Tariq Anwar).
Photo on album cover by Sarah Ruest.




Paco Dvoi Ottawa, Ontario

Paco Dvoi is a lyrically-driven artist whose songs and spoken word often touch on the mystery of life, the reality of death, the struggle for fulfillment, and the delicate state of the world.

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Track Name: DIY Punk Florist
With regards to my sound and expression
I wanna make a confession
I hope this doesn’t sound false
Or like a phony sales pitch from another adult
But I’m here to offer flowers with sonic form

My name is Paco Dvoi
My vision
to colour a void by picking, plucking and presenting tones

As a vocal guitarist
I’m like a DIY punk florist
I make intuitive designs
Based on gut feeling, colour, lines
And offer them up to urban minds
With a pretty little ribbon of rhythm and rhyme

My work is quite simple
It’s like a park-picked tulip sniffed by
A wrinkled nose
On sister or bro
Sampling sweet scent of fragile nature

But unlike the dazzling arrangements of popular florists
You won’t find in my two lips a prize-winning forest

Just basic parts,
a verse, a chorus
Like a humble stem leading to porous
petals of skin
To breathe within
This planet of light where some poets sing

Ladies and gentlemen
I bring you simple arrangements
A chance at engagement
A glorious moment of cheap entertainment

I hope you enjoy
My words and fretted toy
If you lend me your ears
You may just hear
A fragrant phrase
From a blossoming wood player’s
hollow vase
Track Name: Money

You say you want money, money, money,
Money for your body.
But listen to me honey,
I’ve no money for your body.
But if you like honey, oooh
I’ll share some sweetness and be funny, ahhh.
Said if you like honey, ooh,
I’ll share some sweetness and be funny, ahhh.

Money will come and go with every penny.
Money is not as rich as love, my lady.

Hold my hand and walk with me
Indulge my good boy fantasy
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s stroll like lovers fancy free
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s sing like birds, let’s climb a tree.
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s smile away.


Honey, you’re awfully sweet but c’mon buddy
I’ve studied every man while makin money.
There’s a beast in every gentlemanly bunny
You may have heart, but I’m more deep and hot and savvy
If you like punani
Step up and show me you’ve got money!
Said if you like punani
Step up and show me you’ve got money!


Money. Money, money, money, money.


I need to make some money


I’ve no money for you honey.

Honey. I ain’t no sleezebag acting funny.
I love your eyes.
Nothing to do with paying money.


Bunny! Silly horny sidewalk bunny.
I don’t give strangers free ride in my sweet punani
But if you feel sunny, bring me some food and we’ll talk chummy.
Said if you feel sunny, bring me some food and we’ll talk chummy.


Hold my hand and walk with me
Indulge my good boy fantasy
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s stroll like lovers fancy free
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s sing like birds, let’s climb a tree
Hold my hand and walk with me
Let’s smile away


Money. Money, money, money, money.
(I need to make some money.)
I’ve no money for you honey.
Money. Money, money, money, money.
People always want money.
Life's more sweet without the money.
Money. Money, money, money, money.
(I need more money. Gimme some money. I want more money. More, more, more money.)
People always want money.
Life's more sweet without the money.
(I need your money. Gimme your money.)
Money. Money, money, money, money.
People always want money, oooh.
Money, money, money, money.
Track Name: It's a Trial
It’s a trial to be a person
aging body
limited perception
hoping to see more
open to explore
yet certainly uncertain of what the truth is behind the curtain.

It’s a trial to make a living
standing or sitting
no matter how you’re giving
the question’s always ringing:
How could I be happier living what I’m living?

It’s a trial to be yearning
a person of burning
secretly mouthed to a diary, a pillow, or lover without
clear knowledge of your mysterious route
or the deep down demons that twist and shout

It’s a trial to be fulfilled
negativity nil
perfectly present
issues killed

It’s a trial in this west
To feel deeply blessed
With that lingering pest
adding stress while pressed to do your best
cause you need to invest
in well-written tests
cast a radiant image and be
a social success

It’s a trial to lack vision
in a mechanical system
where the alarm clock is God
and your brain is fogged
so to make your thoughts jog
you suck back coffee
head out to your job
resent you’re not wealthy
but you at least have a blog
that 12 subscribe to
so you’re not just a cog

It’s a trial to break free
from the mold and see
that a lifetime on Earth
is worth more than money
and it pays to go after
love and laughter
sharing with freaks and geeks and masters
and animals and plants
which deserve more rants
cause we’re not the only ones
in this universe of chance
and no matter your stance
you depend on the dance
ff light, earth, water and biochemical romance.

It’s a trial to be human
man, child, or woman
alive in this place
of mystery and grace
busy on surface
questioning purpose
pressured to erase
juvenile passions which are seen as a waste
by parents or spouses who got slapped in the face
lost their faith
and so embraced
the fear of collapsing
they couldn't replace.
Track Name: Locked In My Mind
Hey there mister fumbling rocker
There’s something here
Called inspired life
Do you feel it inside?
Do you feel it inside?
Do you feel the angels inside?

Hey there mister wrinkled mirror
I bet your missin mama clarity
I believe I can see
I believe I can see
I believe I can seem unseemly

Oh good God I’m locked in my mind

Hey where did the trouble come from?
Hey why did the teapot spill?
I can take a new pill
I can take a new pill
Should I take a new pill to kill?
Oh good God I’m locked in my mind.

Hey aum, I can breathe like a guru
Hey aum, I can pray like a monk
But there’s a side of me punk
And at times I get thumped
And my body goes plunk
Believe me

Oh good God I’m locked in my mind
Oh good God it’s lonely sometimes
Oh good God
I'm stumblin blind
Track Name: Reconnection
I’m the smartest guy I know, he said
Proud and doped, his eyes all red
And no one tells me what to do
I move with my moods
I choose
I booze
I score
I screw
And if I lose
I take the bruise.
No one tells me what to do
I’m the king of my universe
The boss of my truth
And I love you like a brother, he said
Staring intently
A tuque on his head
I love you man,
Because I’ve known you since we were ten
Before all the shit happened
And we became men
I love you man
Because we shared so much
And 20 years of bullshit since we lost touch
Is a blink in the eye
Of one spacey guy
Because quite frankly, he said
You’re a fuckin space cadet
To turn your back and forget
With no signs of regret
Treating me like less than a silhouette
I bet
The skin on my neck
That you will never get
How much it hurt me
When you ignored me
And left
Wearing that invisible coronet
High on opportunities
As a university-bound
To record and repeat
What those cushy professors
Will have you believe
I don’t need anyone to teach me how to make sense of this world
Blue pearl
In pocket
Of Earl of Greed
I live it
I breathe it
I see it
I feel it
You don’t even know one tenth of the shit
I’ve been through
In this quick and passing life
Dealing with illness
And violence
And things not right
But none of that shit matters
Because here and now
It’s you and I
Face to face
With an opportunity to make peace and embrace
And I just wanted to get that shit off my chest
To make the best
Of what is left
In this crazy test
Of love and will
And total mental unrest
So listen here my good old friend
Much time has passed
And it’s time to mend
That stuff between us
That made no sense
Hold me tight, he said
While loud music blared at night
I love you my brother
I’ll always love you
Track Name: Shadowy Dream
I keep cutting out from the social talk
At the table right here with my friends
I keep zoning out with my distant thoughts
Wondering how to feel free

In the blessed light
Of a Canadian night
With laughter
and love

I got caught up in a shadowy dream
Circling slowly
Feeling less holy
This moment was my own only home

I’m tired of living in spaceland
I’m tired of waiting for more
I’m tired of playing the same melodies
Backwards and forwards in limbo

It’s a beautiful night
I’d love to feel right
My feet are ready to soar

Caught up in a shadowy dream
Circling slowly
Feeling less holy
This moment is my only home.

Bye, bye
kingdom in sky
Goodbye idealized
future life
Bye bye
Ultimate high
As something to dream of
And die

Hello, hello
Moment alive
Hello, hello,
creature inside

I put out a shadowy dream
Where I circled slowly
And felt less holy
This moment was my only home

Now I sing with invisible wings
breathing in deeply
sounding tongue sweetly
this moment is my only home
Track Name: Purest State
I wanna be a technology-free naked vegetarian
I wanna be a bark-loving, simple-living, primitivistic aquarian
I don’t wanna participate in the frenzied rate of nature rape that stakes our planetarium
I just wanna live like a forest-aged, out of cage humanitarian

This twisted city system I’ve been stuck in
Feels like a chain of bricks that rips my back's skin
I wanna plant some seeds
I wanna hear some bees
I wanna pee from ancient tree while high on fragrant breeze

But you know what? It ain’t easy
Climbing a tree takes steady knees
And skill and will and hope and …
Jeez, I’m a city boy
Elevators are perfect for me.
They take me up and I just have to touch and see

So all of this poetry talk really is just a tease
‘Cause even though I dream of surrounding green
I buy my soy milk at the drugstore
And my whole wheat bread and my almond butter …
Straight off the rack in a pack from the back

And you know what else?
The money I make teaching Spanish
Let’s just say I don’t need it to vanish
Cause here
I can buy micro-brewed beer
A CCM bicyle
And the smartest cell phone
Every two years

What more could a modern guy need
Aside from some love through a pixeled feed?

Ooh, I would love to get away from this grid
And the clutter and noise at once get rid
But I can’t really do it
Cause I’m trapped like a fluid
In a bottle sealed shut
Made of plastic and stuck
In a factory case
In a shipping cage
To be sold as water
In its purest
Track Name: Richness of Mind
I’m caught in a bind oh holy twister of life
I’m caught in a bind, blind
I’m blind to my mission in this rational fiction
In a world where poverty rules

Poverty of mind
Poverty of goals
Poverty with money
Poverty of soul

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

I’m noticing time unfolding in line
Ticking my seconds alive
A shadow of choices camouflaging good voices
Voices that sing in my mind

Richness of mind
Richness of goals
Richness with money
Richness of soul

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Help me oh mystery
With my grain of history
Help me find peace in the sand
Help me be free to help a sailor in need
Help me to cushion this land

Richness of mind
Richness of goals
Richness with money
Richness of soul
Track Name: Progress Trap
It’s called a progress trap
Have you heard of that?
It’s nothing new but it’s worth a rap
Things we’ve developed to move fast that add to threat of system collapse

A progress trap can be techno crack
Like cars on gas, radiating gadgets, packaged snacks
Or cutting edge weapons that in seconds can blast foreign siblings in political masks

A progress trap
It’s like factory farms producing vast quantities of milk and meat
replete with antibiotics, hormones, ammonia and other treats
while animals and people suffer the beats

tweet tweet
What’s your beef?
How sharp are your teeth?
We’re sharing knowledge on worldwide college
suspicious of big brother’s internet storage

Are we moving forward or getting slapped?
What the frack?
I’m an optimistic man
but it’s worth assessing the cracks on the turtles back.

Is civilization the ultimate state
Or is it the source of destruction we can’t escape?

I ain’t pretending to be the great light of trees
But I do believe in asking questions
and adopting inventions
only if they truly support our needs

Can you feel the same breeze?
It’s whistling past us while the continents bleed
Track Name: It Seemed So Hollow
I toss a stone into a pond
And play a rhythm slowly drawn
I’ve got no beats, no cutting noise
I’m just a word man using voice.

The elemental part of me
Believes in something I can’t see
It’s like a moisture in the breeze
Born of great big distant sea

I watch the ripples of a psalm
And feel the darkness coming on
How do I follow to the dawn
Of a more ecstatic age?

It seemed so hollow to be free
Of resonating artistry.
But now I know. Oh I know,
It's potent to simply be.
To be a man. To be one
Poetic part of hymn.
To be a song on a tongue.
Part of nature’s one eternal hum.
Track Name: Children of a Higher Purpose
Children of a higher purpose
I am standing behind this mic
to spit some light from teeth to night

It seems to me that many of us artists, thinkers, makers,
potential society shakers
are not big enough communicators
in spite of
freedom of expression and technological inventions
providing power
to maximize people connections

And I do suspect that amazing individuals
from living rooms to bus stops, plazas to workshops, cafes
to meditational caves
all over the world
are inspired by transformation
the chance to change just a piece of civilization
much more rewarding than pool-side drinks on all-inclusive vacation

And so I would like to offer a 4-point directive
irrespective of how subjective my introspective artist perspective may seem
to one or more in the listening collective

Number one
Unrecognized outliers should not give a fuck
if accused of being stuck
in dead-end limbo or sticky muck
exploring thoughts
connecting dots
but lacking the shiny trophy
to show what their efforts have brought

I suggest to not give a fuck
because the truth about limbo
is that it is practiced by individuals
with flexibility and guts
who bend their backs
and risk collapse
to deliver bold
expressions of honesty, beauty, or awesome ability
like a Vincent Van Gogh
or Ed Allan Poe
maybe living in obscurity
but doing what feels most true

Number two
Hesitant non-conformists should commit to their attractions like a teenage rebel to a hot tattoo
because in the worst case scenario
it’s better to change your mind
than to be a dying person who never pursued
what the heart wanted but mind decided I should not do

Like a flathead screw driver tightening the lock on writer’s block

Number three
No matter how shite things may seem, there is power in hope
whether insecure, depressed, socially rejected, unemployed, or drug addicted
the possibility of positive change
can make a dark brain feel uplifted
so it’s beneficial to have faith and believe
that transformation
is something
our hearts and our minds
in time can weave

There’s a difference between humility and the denial of one’s authenticity
and whatever the space in society
a spontaneous person is PURE VITALITY.

Number four
I believe it heals to draw from the core
to spew things out more
to be fountains of honesty erupting through vocal chords
expulsing wisdom
spreading love and consciousness
against ignorance and conformity
like radical animal lovers
protectors of non-human others
yelling for creatures with no authority
or musicians late at night
feverishly gliding through scales of infinite flight

Children of a higher purpose
I am one like you
another human with pairs of shoes
but aside I soap
each sole with truth
adding brilliance to foot by foot
to step with confidence
and talk with honesty
facing death with each inspired breath
to feel renewed
instead of screwed
as time erases point of view

Children of a higher purpose
the clock is talking loudly
and so instinctively I say this
unscientifically pray this
through words and verse
spoken with no reverse:
Break free from the grip of mainstream circuit
it’s time to design a whole new circus!
Track Name: Signal Control
There comes a moment when things are
No longer blue
Illusion of mindfuck pixies
Doesn’t soak through
Praise to that lucky day when
“Nothing to lose”
Smiled through my window and brought me

Oh higher
Signal control
Thanks for the chance to tune into
A heavier role

Oh higher
Signal control
I’m feeling more solid
I’m feeling more

Empowered by vitalizing
biscuits of truth
My human mammalian mente
Polished the view
I hope I don’t burn this being
I wanna begin
To make all this abstract meaning
Harder than gin

Oh higher
Signal control
Thanks for the chance to tune into
A heavier role

Oh higher
Signal control
I’m feeling more solid
I’m feeling more